Fokai Industries is a company that was created to give Guam its signature in the action sports world community. From the start it has been many things; among these things—an imminent venture to present the native people of the Mariana Islands to the world as an intelligent, persevering, and a respectful and respectable community. In this respect, Fokai has been involved in humble instances to not only water the plants, but also to help plant the seeds necessary for a healthy and fruitful world garden. Since its expansion through outreach programs local and overseas, Fokai has gravitated towards and grown from a truly international life enhancing movement . With this movement forward rooted in family ties, and branches that have grown through the sincere practice of family values, these ventures have positioned the company with HQs established in Japan, Hawaii, Southern California, Saipan, Bali, and Ireland all dedicated to the promotion of networking through the perseverance and the cultivation of spirit.

Since its inception, the company has been blessed to have connected and gelled with good people and aims to extend and honor this blessing for a positively-purposed, multi-faced formidable, and life celebrating world community.

Formidability. Responsibility. GoodVibrations. Strength to protect the Weak. Among not above, In more ways than one — For Life !